“What inspired me was the possibility to see the world from up there” – Capt. Liney Lozano

“What inspired me was the possibility to see the world from up there”; The words of Capt. Liney Lozano, a female pilot from Bogota, Colombia.

A young and ambitious Capt. Lozano gazed at the airplanes making their final approach to the airport and pondered her life as the character she always admired at the airport, a pilot. Now she flies the Airbus A320 for Colombia’s national flag carrier.

“The fact that you can go to work and have the best office in the whole world, watching many different and beautiful things like sunsets and sunrises every single day is just amazing” stated Capt. Lozano.

Trailing through clouds and observing the breathtaking scenery below is a mutual admiration that all us aviation enthusiasts share.

“I love working one day in the morning and watch the sunrise and next day working in the afternoon and watch the sunset” expressed Capt. Lozano.

When asked about the challenges faced as she pursued a career in aviation, Capt. Lozano didn’t hesitate to acknowledge the countless challenges faced. Moreover, she went on to say; “I can only say I knew it was going to be one of my biggest challenges in life, and I love that because I have proved myself how far I can go, and just when I have felt I have reached my top, there comes some new challenges that make me go further, and I reach higher and become better”.

Of course, the aviation industry is proliferating and as demand for pilots increase, airlines ensure that pilots undergo rigorous training to ensure high quality and safe service.

“Pursue your dream no matter what it is, specially in Aviation it might be one of the biggest challenges you face in your lives but it is completely worth it! So, if it is your dream, just go and get it. Study hard, give your 110% and then enjoy the beautiful things that this career has to offer” addressed Capt. Lozano to all the aviation enthusiasts out there.

by Andrew Abeysekera